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U nas nigdy się nie nudzisz

Poznaj wszystkie udogodnienia w naszym hotelu, Choć kameralny, przekonasz się, że ma mnóstwo do zaoferowania,
dzięki czemu w naszych progach nigdy nie zagości nuda

Jesteś molem książkowym i szukasz ustronnego miejsca dla siebie, uwielbiasz sport i aktywne spędzanie czasu lub po prostu cenisz sobie wodne szaleństwa 

Wszystko to znajdziesz w Tristan Hotel & SPA

Kręgielnia w Hotelu Tristan


The bowling alley is a separate room located in the vicinity of the Moon Club. A great place to spend time with close friends with a hint of competition while playing

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Moon Club

Comfortable lounges, dance floor, billiards and colorful drinks. The Moon Club located on floor -1 of our hotel is a great place for an evening party accompanied by music

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Lobby Bar

A cozy place near the hotel reception. Relax on a comfortable sofa with an aromatic coffee, mulled wine or delicious tea. If you like hiding somewhere with a book, lobby is the place

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Outdoor playground

Although we are close to the sea, we also care about children's entertainment in our green area. On our property you will find an outdoor playground with lots of toys,

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Tennis Court

At Tristan Hotel & SPA you can combine leisure with active leisure time in a number of different ways. One of the most popular summer entertainment is the tennis court

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"Morska Kraina" Playroom

Morska Kraina - here there is one basic rule - children make the rules here! Located on the first floor, a cozy playroom is the perfect place most often visited by children

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basen wewnętrzny nocą

Indoor pool

Our intimate recreation complex Isolda SPA combines a lot of attractions, both for children and adults. Looking for a break from everyday basis, you will certainly find here

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Outdoor pool

A little sunbath while relaxing in our outdoor pool of the Isolda SPA recreation complex. The outdoor swimming pool is located in a quiet part of the hotel, surrounded by trees

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A short sauna session will positively affect our health in many ways. Calm your nerves, relax your muscles. It will allow you calm down and contemplate a little.

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Salt cave

A lot can be said about the beneficial properties of iodine. And although the sea is at your fingertips, sometimes the weather is not suitable for long walks.

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