Animal friendly hotel

your pet is a part of family, so take him with you!
No matter the size, we love them all!


Animals are like a regular member of a family. Also, we are aware that many animals suffer from separation condition. We have animals too and we know how hard it is sometimes to plan holiday, when you can't take your beloved pup with you. Putting all this together, we want you to take your whole family, including pup (or multiple pups!) with you!

We will be happy to welcome families with pets, regardless of race or size.

Thanks to the proximity of the forest, our hotel is a perfect starting point for long walks in the fresh air. After about 20 minutes walk, you will reach sandy beach and then...well, let your dog go crazy ;-)


First of all - the comfort of your pet is very important to us and we want him to feel well in our hotel.

We accept big breed, also with long hair

It is possible to come to the restaurant with a dog. (with some exceptions - read on "Worth knowing before arrival")

For your sleeping comfort, we provide special blankets for animals. Put a blanket on the bed so your dog can lay down with you, without worrying of stains or dog hair while sleeping.

Towels for wiping paws - animals love walking, many of them also love puddles and mud. Therefore, on request, a towel will be waiting in the room especially for your pet to be wiped after returning.

Forgot bowl for your pet? No worries, we took care of that too! Please inform us in advance due to the limited quantity. Please note, that bowl we provide, is made of stainless steel.

Food emergency. If you run out of food during your stay - please contact us in advance. Our hotel is located on the countryside, hence we will have to supply in animal shop in bigger city

Run out of poop bags? Ask reception desk for one!



1. What is the animal stay fee?

The cost of a dog or cat stay is 70PLN / day / pet

2. Can I enter the restaurant with my dog? 

Yes - it is necessary to reserve a table before arrival. For safety of your pet and other guests, we will direct you to a special place prepared for this occasion. If the dog is restless or hyperactive - it is necessary to have a muzzle on. It is not possible to be in a restaurant if the dog has a tendency to howl or loud and / or systematic barking.

3. Do you accept all animals?

As for dogs and cats - yes. However, they must meet the requirements of the regulations (available below). Surely we will have a problem with a tiger or elephant, so if you plan to arrive with another animal - please contact us in advance

4. Animal food

Considering specific diets, allergic factors or food sensitivity, we do not have "emergency karma". However, if during your stay it turned out that there is not enough food for your pet - please inform us about the type of food and quantity. We will try to deliver.

5. Is there a dog paddock in the hotel?

Currently not. We are working on creating a special place. More information soon!

6. Can I take my dog to the forest?

Of course. The Vistula Spit abounds in forest areas. Right next to the hotel there is a road leading to the forest. REMEMBER! It is strictly forbidden to unleash the dog in the forest. Wild animals live nearby and if the dog feels the natures call, consequences may be catastrophic. Breaking this prohibition may also result in a very high fine. 

7. Can I put my dog on the bed?

Yes. Especially for this occasion, we provide blankets to put your pet close together. 

8. Can I go to the swimming pool with my dog?

Unfortunately, staying with the dog in the recreation area is prohibited. 


1. Zgodę na pobyt zwierzęcia w Hotelu wydaje recepcja,jeśli zwierzę spełni wymagania regulaminu

2. Z pobytem zwierzęcia w hotelu łączy się dodatkowa opłata, zgodna z obowiązującym cennikiem i może się różnić w zależności od okresu lub wyjątkowych dni (jak święta)

3. Na terenie obiektu mogą przebywać tylko zwierzęta domowe (psy i koty)

4. Zakwaterowanie Gości ze zwierzętami możliwe jest jedynie w wyznaczonych pokojach

5. Warunkiem przyjęcia zwierzęcia jest zgłoszenie przyjazdu Gości ze zwierzęciem w momencie rezerwacji pokoju. W przypadku wcześniejszego niepowiadomienia recepcji hotelu, zastrzegamy sobie prawo do odmowy przyjęcia zwierzęcia

6. Przyjmujemy wyłącznie zwierzęta zdrowe, posiadające książeczki zdrowia (aktualne szczepienia,odrobaczenia). W przypadku braku dokumentu w recepcji dostępny jest kontakt do lekarza weterynarii. Hotel ma prawo odmówić przyjęcia zwierząt chorych lub bez dokumentów.

7. Na terenie TRISTAN HOTEL & SPA oraz w otoczeniu obiektu, zwierzęta muszą być wyprowadzane na smyczy i w kagańcu (w przypadku psów), pod opieką właściciela lub osoby upoważnionej

8. It is strictly forbidden to bring animals to service outlets: Moon Club, Recreation area, Isolda SPA, bowling, fitness room, outdoor playground for children and tennis court. Pets can stay at service outlets: Kobaltowa restaurant, Navigator lobby bar, Seashell Cafe, it is possible to book a table in advance. We reserve the right to refuse admission of a dog at the above service points if the dog will interfere with the comfort of stay or threaten the safety of other guests.

9. The owner is responsible for keeping the animal in the hotel, keeping silence and not disturbing other guests. In the event of repeated complaints from other guests, the hotel reserves the right to request the removal of the animal from the hotel

10. Any damage to the property of the hotel or the property of other guests caused by an animal will be individually evaluated by the hotel management and the costs will be charged to the animal owner

11. The owner is obliged to clean up dirt left behind by the animal on the premises and in the surroundings of the facility. Dog owners are asked to bring pets outside, and cat owners must have a sand litter box. In the event of non-compliance with this point, the hotel reserves the right to charge an additional fee for extra cleaning of waste left behind after an animal. The fee is 50PLN for each action taken by the hotel.

12. No animal should be left alone in the room if it disturbs other guests during this time

13. We only accept sterilized cats

14. The hotel has the right to refuse admission of animals considered to be dangerous or aggressive, including spiders and reptiles

15. Bearing in mind the specifics of the hotel - we reserve the right not to accept or withdraw an animal's residence permit in the event of aggressive behavior towards people, small children or other animals staying in the hotel

Dear Guest, when walking in the forest with a dog (Vistula Spit Landscape Park), please comply with the rules in force in forest areas, resulting from the provision of Article 30 (1) point 13 of the Act of 28.09.1991. Remember! Letting the dog loose in the woods is punishable by a fine