List of things we do to care for nature and minimise pollution

If you want to change the world, start from changing yourself

Following this principle, we want to make responsible actions that will affect our planet. Guests staying in our hotel may notice some pro-ecological solutions that were introduced at the stage of building the hotel, but also those that have appeared recently. We hope that everything we do will contribute in some way to make our planet a friendly place for every life - present and in future. We would like our decisions to be an incentive to introduce similar solutions in other hotels.

Here are some examples of what we do to care for planet

Already at the stage of building our hotel we decided that air conditioning, which makes our guests stay on the hottest days of the year more pleasant, will be freon-free. Hence, we use an ice water chiller to prepare to adjust the temperature. Guests, staying in our thresholds can enjoy breathing a fresh air!

Refrigerators - both large and small ones use freon in many cases. In our hotel, we use high-class thermoelectric refrigerators as minibars. Those fridges are freon-free.

We segregate garbage to guarantee the proper use of each product - Remember that more and more waste is intended for recycling.

In our bathrooms we have used special covers foaming water in taps and showers while maintaining water pressure - without affecting the negative effect on the comfort of using showers or washbasins.

Thanks to high-quality dishwashers, we can always guarantee hygienic clean dishes while reducing the use of detergents and water.

The secret of our cuisine are fresh ingredients of dishes supplied by local entrepreneurs and aromatic herbs from our garden.

Cosmetics used in Isolda SPA are not tested on animals and are fully biodegradable. Our cosmetics are not "artificially enlarged", which significantly reduces the amount of plastic used to store the product.

Towels used in hotel rooms and Isolda SPA after they serve their purpose and get damaged they get a second life. When we spot a hole, stain, or other defect that affects the aesthetics or comfort of use, the towels are not thrown away. Instead, we use them in a variety of circumstances, like as a high-quality washing cloth (for housekeeping crew). It also happens that the towels are reduced and further trimmed, in a smaller version used as a towel to wipe paws of your pet, which came back from many muddy adventures.

We care for the lungs of our planet, so in 2019 we planted over 120 trees around the hotel.


Intelligent electricity management in the hotel reduces the production of excessive heat to the atmosphere.

We approach electricity management with caution. To reduce electricity consumption, we used LED lighting throughout the hotel. In addition, photocells have been installed in all hotel corridors. This allowed a significant reduction in electricity consumption, and above all, extended the life of bulbs (thanks to which we utilize much less electrical waste).

In addition, our hotel was built with the best access to daylight in mind, which, in addition to ecological values, affects the aesthetics of the place - it is always more pleasant to taste dishes when we are accompanied by a beautiful sun outside the window.

The water in our pool is heated by solar panels mounted on the hotel roof.

Open spaces allow free flow of air through all corridors, which in turn leads to better heat management throughout the building.

Installed reflective photo coatings in the windows reflect excess sunlight, which overheats the room.

Bearing in mind the comfort of guests, each room has the option of individual air conditioning configuration. All rooms are equipped with intelligent sensors that automatically open the air conditioner when the balcony windows are opened.

Electricity in a hotel room is activated only when a magnetic card (the same one that opens the room) is inserted. So there is no fear that we will leave the bathroom light on or the TV on when leaving the room. Just pull out the card to turn everything off.


To minimize the use of paper during the daily work of the hotel crew - a significant part of the information is provided in electronic form. We try not to print emails and limit the use of paper to the absolute minimum.

Where, unfortunately, we can not reduce the use of paper, we use substitutes in the form of ecological paper (made from pressed paper waste).

All elements from chalky paper used for the production of, among others, hotel information (no smoking etc.) have been removed from our rooms to use information made of durable material.


We do not use disposable plastic cups in bathrooms or plastic-coated "paper" coffee cups in the rooms. Our guests receive high-quality porcelain coffee and tea cups, and the bathrooms have glass cups.

Nie stosujemy również jednorazowych mieszadełek do kawy/herbaty, zachęcamy do korzystania z łyżeczek 🙂

Straws used in the restaurant are fully biodegradable.

Drinking water is supplied in glass, returnable bottles, which are reused after returning to the bottling plant. Thanks to this, we do not utilize plastic or glass, and the only element utilized are the bottle caps.

Pokoje hotelowe pozbawione są wszelkich kosmetyków w plastikowych buteleczkach jednorazowych. Zastąpiliśmy je wysokiej jakości ekologicznymi kosmetykami hotelowymi, dostępnymi w dużych butelkach (300ml), w sam raz na długie pobyty, do których zachęcamy 😉

Do you have any ideas what we could do differently, better? Take advantage of us - we'd love to know how we can better contribute to the health of our planet. See you in Kąty Rybackie!


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